Jr Casa number beads

Math Time

VINCI Academy offers following programs starting in the 2018 – 2019 School Year:

  • Junior Toddler, 16-23 Months Old
  • Senior Toddler, 24-36 Months Old
  • Preschool: 3 – 4 Years Old
  • Kindergarten: 4 – 5 Years Old

Starting in 2017, VINCI Academy will also offer its STEM focused Elementary program.

For children aged 3 and 4 years old, VINCI Junior Casa program leverages Montessori teaching materials, in combination with Reggio style Creative Learning Centers to instill both basic skills and creativity.

Preschool Areas of Learning

1. Practical Life: Students continue to exercise their fine motor skills, eye-hand and hand-hand coordination, and practice their focus, using Montessori Practical Life Sets such as clothing frames, pouring, squeezing etc.

2. Language & Literacy: Every day, students follow VINCI leveled books for their weekly theme. A research based and fun collection of 60 little books serves as conversation starter for learning Comprehension and Expressive Language skills. Montessori materials such as sandpaper letters come to enrich the learning.

3. Math & Logic Reasoning: 3-4 years old is a period sensitive to numeracy. With VINCI Preschool program, students practice everyday matching, sorting, categorizing, and counting. Knowing that rote counting to 10 or 20 may not mean much from logic reasoning point of view, VINCI program focuses students on analytical skills and problem solving.


Story Time

4. Science and the World: Inter-connecting with Language and Math, VINCI Science program for preschoolers includes weather, space, animals, plants and how humans function. Students explore seasons and holidays around the world to gain understanding of the planet they live in.

5. Social Emotional Learning: As self-control and independence are such important topics for preschoolers, every day during dedicated group learning time, students learn about themselves through the understanding of emotions and socially acceptable behaviors. They gain skills for sharing, taking care of each other, and conflict-solving by working in small groups.

6. Creativity: Creativity is a habit, and it starts from early in life. When children are inspired and encouraged, their natural creativity remains alive, and serves them in their future work and life.

VINCI Academy art-infused program encourages preschoolers try hard, experiment, and gain sense of accomplishment. The activities may include pretend-play, art creation, or story-telling, which inter-connects with Math and Language.