VINCI Academy offers following programs starting in the 2018 – 2019 School Year:

  • Junior Toddler, 16-23 Months Old
  • Senior Toddler, 24-36 Months Old
  • Preschool: 3 – 4 Years Old
  • Kindergarten: 4 – 5 Years Old

Starting in Sept. 2017, VINCI Academy will also offer its STEM focused Elementary program.

Kindergarten is a stepping stone into a school life which will focus more on the academics. Utilizing a blend of Montessori and creative methods, VINCI School Kindergarten program offers a safe and comfy environment with embedded structure to prepare students in following areas:

  • Social-emotional skills
  • Self-care and work habits
  • Interest in Math, Reading, Science, Technology, Engineering and Arts.
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Math Time

Montessori Setting

In a mixed age group with children ranging from 5-6 years old, students are offered a Montessori-like setting, which is characterized by Freedom of Movement (within the limits), Guided Choices, Periods of Uninterrupted Inquiries, and Meticulously Arranged Materials.

Creative Learning

Beyond Montessori, specific time periods are allocated for collaborative and project-based learning, with the emphasis on expression and reflection. Story-telling, open-ended inquiries, and presentation of ideas encourage students to become confident and independent.

Personalized Experience

Each of the students works on gaining and improving the skills per periodic evaluation. A total of 180 skills are tracked for the age group, with goals set for each term, in collaboration with the parents.


Story Telling


On average, each student spends 5 hours a week learning Math, 5 hours in English Language Arts, 5 hours in a Second Language, 5 hours in Science, Engineering & Arts.

All students moving to Grade 1 level are reading, and capable of doing teen number calculations. They will have lots of fun building bridges and working with Forces & Motions to apply their Math and Language skills.

VINCI Academy follows the Common Core State Standards, adopting Montessori and Reggio Emilia approaches for curriculum implementation. Each student has his/her own PLP – Personalized Learning Plan with goals set or adjusted for each term. Parents and Teachers not only communicate frequently, but also are put on the same page through VINCI Connected Learning System for progress tracking.

Kindergarten students 5 years and older are provided with personal home-practice tools for reading and Math.